Bari Vecchia Virtual Tour | The First

by Free Walking Tour Italia

Discover our city in an interactive and engaging way, visiting its most characteristic neighborhood: Bari Vecchia "Old Town", where it all began. "The First" has always been our most loved tour, today we wish to virtually share it with you, from your couch. Easy, isn't it?  

Meet other travelers and challenge them on a battle to the last "barese" anedocte. Anna, Giuseppe e Gabriella will be your guides, eager to engage the group in a virtual itinerary made of enigmas, riddles and irriverent rebuses.

Explore with us Bari Old Town with 360° pictures, historical records and poetry reading. Once back from this virtual journey, you will know a bit more about the stories, the characters and the mamas' secrets recipes of Bari Vecchia.

Are you ready for the first Virtual Tour of Bari Vecchia? Book your spot, get a pen and paper, smile at the camera, and learn how to have fun. Get comfortable and grab your favourite drink. Here we go!

  • Group: the tour will start with a min. of 4 people connected
  • When: Friday 11.30am – Saturday 6.30pm – Sunday 10pm [all schedules in local Rome time]
  • Lenght: 1.15 h
  • Where: Zoom
  • Language: English

Would you prefer an exclusive online experience for your own group? Send us an email and tell us about you, we will tailor the perfect experience for your family and friends.


Questions & Answers 

Hi, how do we sign up for the next event?

Hi, you can book above through the booking item. Once you complete the booking, you will receive the Zoom link with all the details. Please be sure to be online by then.

Hi, I'm thinking about joining the talk but I'm by myself. Are there other people already attending?

Hi, don't worry about it. More people are likely to participate. We start the talk with a minimum of 4 participants. 

Hi, what do I need in order to join the experience?

Hi, you must have a laptop, tablet or mobile phone which supports Zoom (download it for free), an integrated camera, and good internet connection. Ah, I was about to forget, pen, paper and large imagination of course.

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