Free Walking Tour Torino | Mystica

by Free Walking Tour

With the Free Walking Tour Torino Mystica you will discover the spiritual and misterious places of the capital of the Alps. Under the light of the stars, the mystery of the old city returns alive...

Travellers from all over the world, gathered in Turin before starting their trips through Italy. Turin was the first stop after overlapping the Alps and the pellegrins going to Rome brought new ideas, visions, magic- Mystery is still alive and awaits to be revealed...

Free Walking Tour Torino Mystica starts from the Cathedral which was built as a graveyard for aristocracy. From the Cathedral we will walk through the Roman and Medieval Turin, looking for the Saint Graal. On the road we will meet angels and lost souls, beside ghosts. The guide will tell you legends and historical facts related to the Templars and Sacra Sindone, roman soldiers and medieval knights, witches and lovely women.

With Free Walking Tour Torino Mystica you will enter in the heart of the ancient and magic Turin.

  • Groups: No minimum number of participants
  • When: Upon reservation
  • Where: under the Bell Tower of Duomo di San Giovanni
  • Duration: 2:30 - 3:00 h
  • Price: Tips based
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