Activities Incubator

Why choosing Free Walking Tour Italia?

Because it's...


Freedom of participation

Right of access for all to cultural and turistic market 

Alternative contact with the city


Local Dimension - direct contact with the city and its peculiarity

Sustainable Mobility - enviroment caring

Health - walking is always a good idea, do it more!


Redifining the traditional guided tour through the knowledge and experience of the people who live there

Raising awarness toward sustainable tourism and local enviroment

Professionality of the local operator

Full cultural promotion


Network community

National horizon and aim

Link between territories, people and local entrepreneur


Free Walking Tour Italia is the first fully italian platform for the promotion of local, touristic and cultural activities. The project works towards you, local guides, artisans, small entrepreneurs, professionists and local institutions, to enhance the italian heritage and foster community building.

You don't know where to start to build your business, do you?!

FREE WALKING TOUR ITALIA Activities Incubator is the best solution for you!

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