What is Free Walking Tour?

Free Walkig Tour (FWT) is an innovative way to interact with and discover the cities, share attraction, knowledge and entertainment. FWT represents the points of view through which one looks at the cities and their spaces, expressions, as well as their stories, styles, and contradictions; an engaging experience close to the local reality. The goal is to make the local cultural heritage more accessible to everyone, redefining the tour by the close contact to the locals' knowledge.     

What does it  change?

Far from the strategies of the tourist industry, the FWT experience offers a valiant alternative able to raise interest and awareness towards the dynamics of changing cities and spaces.

It fosters the guides to do their best, keep themselves always updated, create unconventional itineraries. Questioning themselves and their job. Every single tour turns into a journey, different from the previous one, new, real, in steady dialogue with the cities and those who look at them.   

The value of FWT rises and grows from the sharing of people's know-how and creative minds. Every single experience brings along different skills and professionalism, in order to help small ideas growing bigger.

Free Walking Tour Italia: the project

The Italian Free Walking Tour network supports and develops an experiential city-tour concept. The Free Walking Tour Italia project was born in 2016 as independent online platform: the aim is to connect and share the various FWT experiences all around Italy. The platform works to raise public awareness on the issue of cultural accessibility, and improve the relationship between people and local communities.

Free Walking Tour Italia is an information portal that supports free culture. The platform do not manage or is responsible for any of the activities inside. Every single experience is managed independently by locals.  

Download the Manifesto: First Part / Second Part