Bergamo Tour | One Thousand and One Women

by Free Walking Tour Italia

Have you noticed as history books often tell us about great men: kings, valiant generals, fearless men? What about women? You know, behind a great man there is always a great woman! I will tell you so! Take the example of La Marianna, the people still remember when she used to bring goat milk from the mountains. Such a breezy woman! Or the girls that lived and worked in the red light district. 

These and other thousands stories distinguished the city of Bergamo, its habits and traditions: discovering them through the tales of our local guides will be fun and easy!


Questions & Answers

Hi, this morning we did the Free Walking Tour Bergamo, and heard about this tour you offer. We are interested in doing that but would like to have more information.

Hi, thanks for your question. This tour goes inside the stories we have learned from our grandmothers and wish to tell you. The itinerary we follow is completely different from the Free Walking Tour one. We will touch different places and locations. You can book the tour on this page through the booking item.  

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