Modena Novecento

by Free Walking Tour Italia

Modena. Turn of the 20th century. All starts out from a black-and-white faded picture, accidentally found in a vintage book. We found it interesting, so we started to show it to the people. They reacted strange, looking at those pictures of the city. More than a century has passed since Modena entered modernity: the changes has been significant, not just in the city shape or architecture, but mostly in the habits, means, places, which the well-known Modena photographic tradition has been able to catch (Bandieri, Orlandini, Roncaglia, Panini collections). Piecing together those pictures and a book, we have designed an itinerary that sheds light on few fundamental aspects of a city between two centuries, which keeps reflecting a precise personality and renewing traditions and uses. 

  • When: upon request only
  • Meeting Point: Piazza Grande (nearby the Pietra Ringadora)
  • Lenght: 2.00 h
  • Itinerary: Piazza Grande, Piazza XX Settembre, via Albinelli, area of San Francesco, via Rua Muro, Largo Sant'Agostino, Piazza Pomposa, Tobacco Manufacture plant
  • Language: italian (english upon request)

Questions & Answers

Hi, your cultural tour sounds amazing. Do you run the tour according to a schedule or can be reserved anytime?

Hi, thanks for your questions. The displayed dates refers to the appointment we schedule only for italian guests. If you wish to take the tour in english, we would be more than glad to organize it for you. The price might change according to the number of people attending. Take into consideration that 10€ is the price per person for groups around 20/25 people.

Hi, we would like to join to one of the appointed dates. Is the tour only in italian?

Hi, you are free to join us but the tour is exclusively in italian. If you wish to have it in english, we must schedule it for another time. It's still possible, just write us.

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