Ravenna: gold, light and the magic of mosaic | Online Tour Experience

by Free Walking Tour Italia

“Here the light was born, or here it was caught, but here it reigns free”: in those latin verses from Saint Andrew’s Chapel is revealed the essence of mosaic. The mosaic is a vehicle of light that knows how to catch and spread it, and tesserae hold the light as owing a breath of life. Ravenna is commonly known as the “capital of mosaics”: it surprisesfor the richness and preciousness enclosed in paleo-cristian monuments, which seem to be plain chest with a great treasure inside. They represent the city’s imperial period, when it has been the last capital of West Roman Empire and a Byzantine Exarchate, and also capital of the Reign of Ostrogoths.

Like a door opened toward the East, Ravenna embraced the relatives artistic and architectonical suggestions, then realized with the hightest technical quality and far-seeing solutions. The trip is charming and full of history, symbols and meaning of the “talking images” coming from that age, being the mouthpieces of power and of the rising Faith.

Meet and chat with a real local tour guide. Share the screen with people from all around the world. Interact, talk, be ready to answer first to little games. Follow us in this virtual tour as you were here. 

Discover the city through the tales of a local.

  • Group: min. 4 devices per "room"
  • When: Monday at 6.30 pm 
  • Where: Google Meet 
  • Lenght: 1.00 h
  • Language: english and Italian

Wish to organize a private "room" with your friends or family? Write and tell us what's up on your mind, we will organize it for you. 


Questions & Answers 

Hi, how do we sign up for the next event?

Hi, you can book above through the booking item. Once you complete the booking, you will receive the Google Meet link with all the details. Please be sure to be online by then.

Hi, I'm thinking about joining the talk but I'm by myself. Are there other people already attending?

Hi, don't worry about. More people are likely to participate. We start the talk with a minimum of 4 participants. 

Hi, what do I need in order to join the experience?

Hi, you must have a laptop, tablet or mobile phone which supports Google Meet, an integrated camera, and good internet connection. Ah, I was about to forget, large imagination of course.

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