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The six neighbourhoods of Bologna. A urban tale about shapes, relations and public space beyond the walls, through six itineraries seeking after the voices and places of memories and cultural identities.  

Quartiere Navile: Innovation and Civic Engagement

A neighbourhood permanently transforming toward the future. Social inclusion and innovation are the guidelines, but it preservs experiences of social engagement.

The meeting point is at the entrance of the former Manifattura Tabacchi, via Ferrarese (civico 209/22).

  • ex Manifattura Tabacchi (via Ferrarese, 209/22)
  • Area Ortiva Dozza (via della Dozza, 8)
  • Mercato di Piazza Grande (via Stalingrado, 97/2)
  • Centro Sportivo and Parco la Dozza (via Romita, 2/7) 


Quartiere Savena: From spaces to "comunity places"

The space produces comunity; each comunity produces its own space. The itinerary structures between ordinary social spaces, highlightening the importance of such experiences.  

The meeting point is at the Orti Peppino Impastato (via Bombicci, 11).

  • Giardino Peppino Impastato (via Carlo Carli) 
  • Salus Space (via Malvezza, 1)
  • Piazza Lambrakis
  • Parco dei Cedri (via Cracovia)

Quartiere Santo Stefano: The hill in the city

The itinerary goes toward the green hill, touching in between cultural spaces and areas of high enviromental value. The perspective on the city will be different. 

Meeting point is at Giardini Margherita (ingresso ovest di Porta Castiglione, a fianco del chiosco dei gelati).

  • Giardini Margherita (Piazza di Porta Castiglione, 3)
  • villa Aldini (via dell’Osservanza, 37)
  • parco di Villa Ghigi (via San Mamolo)
  • Eremo di Ronzano (via di Gaibola, 12)


San Donato–San Vitale The value of multiculture

We are in one of the most multicultural neighbourhood of Bologna, very active and socially engaged in experience of welcoming, dialogue and global citizenship. Within those places different stories and people mix along arts and knowledge. 

  • Meeting Point: Piazza dei Colori 
  • Itinerary: Piazza dei Colori, via Pallavicini, Centro Rostom e Casa Willy, Centro di Cultura Islamica e Moschea, Bella Fuori 3, Centro Interculturale Zonarelli. 

Porto–Saragozza A neighbourhood in creative transformation

We tell about stories and places of urban transformation, social innovation and civic engagement. 

  • Meeting Point: entrance of Scalo Ravone (via Casarini) 
  • Itinerario: Scalo Ravone, Quadrilatero, Ex mercato Bestiame, via dello Scalo, Porto15, Manifattura Arti.

Borgo Panigale–Reno Green heritage to be seek

Parks, gardens and green area. Network of landscapes and enviromental-protected areas for a neighbourhood to be discovered. 

  • Meeting Point: Train Station, Casteldebole 
  • Itinerary: Parco dei Pini, Parco dei Noci, Giardino degli Olmi, Parco delle Querce, Giardino dei Bambù. 
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