About Us

THE STORY (or rather, how we see each other) 

That was all at the beginning: not yet a project, but three italian guys' willingness to make a change. Everything started as it follows (more or less): a dusty road of Vietnam, the top of a journey that would transform them forever, one question: what would be next. Because, after traveling, working, studying for years abroad, the three would have found themselves home soon. What to do then? So the idea came...

Same Same Travels team

Those're us: Giovanni, Alessandro and Emmanuele (the picture is a bit old but we haven't changed much so far, you would recongnize us if we met).

We would be the people behind the scene, those who organize, manage, pull the string, but we like pretty much to get our face out there. It's more fun. Since the beginning our motto has been "Same Same but Different" (we took it from south-east Asia sellers), meaning more or less that there are thousands of different ways to do the same thing. Cause we haven't designed anything, we just took what already existed and apply it to our own reality. Here innovation lies.

As we go abroad, travel, wish to meet locals and live great and unforgettable experiences, others come wishing the same... in our own city for example. Then everybody is back, and we wish we had made them living the same deep experience we lived once, during our journey. 

Free Walking Tour (it was not Italia yet) started in Modena in 2016, organized and promoted by our first association - still working, "Same Same Travels". We wanted to leave something of us to the people visiting our own town, open it to the most of them. The idea was (and still is) to make tourism accessible and inclusive to all, cause cultural heritage belongs to nobody but anybody. Knowledge and culture in our town aren't privilages for the chosen few but rights to all. 

At the end of the day, we had discovered we were not the only one to believe in a different way to promote and create culture. In order to spread our vision, we needed a more powerful tool which could overcome the local context and get to a broader scale. Free Walking Tour Italia was then born, at the eve of 2017, the first-ever truly 100% italian Free Walking Tour network. And we are so proud of it!

Today, more than 17 cities have joined the network so far and other are about to do so. The network is the place to be, the community, the future: a platform through which we address our city-tour concept, raise awarness about different and more soustainable ways to promote culture and tourism, exchange good practices, organize public events and meetings, cooperate for inter-territorial cultural design, and support other Free Walking Tours to raise. At the end, we link people and territories, in a easy, genuine, local and cooperative way.

Ultimately, make a change!

Since 2018, we have opened our platform to other local cultural businesses, such experiental activities and private tours, because we aim to enlarge our horizon and help ideas grow bigger.    

THE TEAM (or rather, how we really are)

Alessandro Ferrari | Co-Founder | Sales and Supplier Relations

Giovanni Bottari | Co-Founder | Project Manager

Emmanuele Boschetti | Co-Founder | Social Media Manager  

Nicole Sacchetti | Graphic Designer

THE REST (or rather, how the others see us)

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