Frequently Asked Questions

Do you run Free Tour according to a schedule or are they always available?

You can find all the details about meeting point, available day and time, inside the single tour page. We ask you to read them carefully before booking.

Do I need to book in order to join a Free Tour?

Booking is strongly suggested. You can do it through our booking tool or simply writing us an email.

What if the time of the Free Walking Tour doesn’t fit my plans?

No worries! Write us an email and we will organize a private tour at special conditions for you and your friends.

How do I book a tour?

Click on the tour item you’d like to reserve. On the page, you will find the booking tool. Please be sure to fill the form selecting properly the Language, Group Size, Day and Time (according to the available one if stated). Then click on the Book button and check out. We will ask you to insert your personal data and contact reference. If it’s a Free Tour you won’t need to add any credit card details.

I would like to join “EAT BOLOGNA” (food tour experience) but I have food restrictions, how do I do?

No panic! Inform us about your allergies and we will easily find a solution.

If I’m late or can’t join the tour, do I need to notify you?

Yes, we kindly ask you to notify us any change of plan, cancellation or inconvenience at

If I don’t find suitable joining a Free Walking Tour, do you offer any alternative?

You can look for a Local Walk Experience. On the page you will find all the private offers, divided per city, for specific interests or needs. Click on the one you like it most. You can select the tour language, day and time.

Do I need to pay in advance for the tour?

Depending on the tour, you might be asked to pay only a booking fee upon reservation, by credit-card. The amount you need to pay is displayed on the check-out section. The remaining amount must be paid directly to the guide the day of the tour.

Do you have special offers for organized groups?

Yes, we do have special designed tours for small or big groups. Write us an email at and find out our offers. You won't regret it!