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When he was young, my grandfather used to play in those canals. Down to the port, little boats were carrying items and goods to be shipped on the Adriatic sea. Yeah, though many people had no idea about the sea - my grandfather saw it for the first time whan he was 23 years old, sailors often told about the water way to the Po river and then the sea.

The water is not only the most valuable resource we have but once it was the people's likely mean of communication and transport - safe, free of charge and fast - and a key element for the city economic and commercial development. By the time, canals were covered and boats left up rotting on the river's bank.

Nowadays only few canals are still visible. The tour is an opportunity to experience the incredible city blue heritage that flows under our foot.

  • Group: min. 2 people
  • When: every day on request
  • Where: Giardini Margherita, Bar GardenBO (Gmaps)
  • Duration: 3.00 h
  • Language: italian and english
  • Itinerary: Giardini Margherita, Savena river, Reno canal, Moline canal, via Piella, Cavaticcio canal, Parco Angeletti, Battiferro, Navile

Questions & Answers

Hi, will we also be visiting the water undergrounds?

Hi, unfortunately the tour does not entail the undergrounds. Most of them are not accessible. However, we will pass by uncovered canals where water flowing is still visible. If you want to experience more about food, check out our “EAT BOLOGNA - Street Food Tour", available every day on late afternoon.


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