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by Free Walking Tour Italia

If you are coming to Bologna, you can't miss it. It's a pilgrimage anyone visiting the city must do. When your plane is landing, look outside the window and you'll see it: the San Luca Sanctuary. Its portico is the longest in the world, 4 km and 666 arches, and connects it to the city center. Don't worry, we will only cover the last part of it, up to the hill. It's a challange but together we can make it!

Our guide will help you counting the arches and entartining you during the climb. At the top, you can visit the Sanctuary.

  • When: check the calendar on the Book Now button
  • Where: 5.30 pm at Arco del Meloncello
  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Lenght: 2km
  • Language: English
  • More Info: please note that this is a hiking tour. It's an easy climb, though do not understimate it. You know your body better than us. Be sure to bring along water and snacks
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