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<<Gramps, gramps, would you buy me Topolino?>> It's a cold day of winter of 1996. The sun shyly lights up my face, the one of a 6 years old boy, who I am. In front ot the historical newsstand Panini, in Corso Duomo, I yank my grandpa's coat and I finger the wall of comics. My grandpa was a kind man and undoubtedly the best guide I have ever met. We move few meters ahead to the Duomo facade. <<Emmanuele, do you see the two lions who with their strenght sustain the Duomo? Well, they can recognise if you behaved good or bad.>> On the contrary, I wasn't such a good boy at that time. We enter Piazza Grande, the heart of the city. I jump from one peddle to another. Suddenly we stop and my granpa tells me to look up to the top of the Tower. I hardly bend my head back and follow his finger: <<What do you see?>>. My grandfather died on April 2009. Since, I have always dreamt about being a good guide as he was, telling jokes to the people and carrying them around to see the beauties and hidden corners of my city.

WALK Modena is a tour designed by young and energic tour guides for forever-young and energic travelers. Tell us more about your interest and your group, and we will create the perfect itinerary to let you experience the city like a local does!

Questions & Answers

Hi, we would like to have some more details about the tour: we heard that the city hosts an important Sinagogue, is it part of the tour? And, what about the market, do we stop and have a break there? Moreover, is there any monument entrance fee included in the price, like the Ghirlandina?

Hi, thanks for your questions. We usually pass by the former Jewish Ghetto during our tour, so that won't be a problem. If you wish to focus more on the area, we can make the stop longer. We won't spend much time at the market, as we have another that focuses mainly on food and tasting. Please check out our EAT MODENA - Your food experience in town. None of our tours includes entrance fees. If you wish to visit particular monuments, please specify it in the email.

Hi, we are staying at Hotel Estense. We read about your tour and liked it very much. Would it be possible to pick us up at the hotel?

Hi, glad you liked the tour. Yes, of course. Our guide will be awaiting the group at the hotel entrance. 


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