WALK in Puglia | Visit Bari and the neighboring cities

by Free Walking Tour Italia

Bari, the capital of Puglia

Bari is indeed the core of Puglia region. You will be impressed by its livelyhood. Its geographical position has made it, for centuries, an absolute protagonist of the sea routes: that have allowed the city to create contacts and exchanges with the eastern side of the Adriatic still continuing today.

The tour begins at the foot of the Castello Svevo, a stunning Federician manor which still preserves today its entirety construction characteristics. We continue entering the narrow streets of "Bari vecchia" through "the low arch" where it is possible to meet the now famous "queens of orecchiette" at work and always ready to tell you some stories. Finally we come to visit the Cathedral of San Sabino and the Basilica of San Nicola, exceptional examples of Apulian Romanesque art and symbols of the city. Crossing Strada di Palazzo Città you come across one of the historic bakeries of the city where it is possible tasting the famous Focaccia; continuing to Piazza Mercantile, you walk along a stretch of the wall up to the very central Piazza Ferrarese, the nerve center of the city and meeting point between the medieval town and the Murat neighborhood. 

Polignano a Mare, pearl of the Adriatic sea

The ancient village of Polignano stands on a rocky coast line overlooking the sea, feature that gives it unparalleled charm and beauty. The city has very ancient origins: winding alleys and buildings of considerable historical and artistic value, all grouped on rocks and caves overlooking the sea. Chosen as a top summer destination, it is enjoyable and appreciable all year round.

The visit itinerary begins in Piazza Giuseppe Verdi with the marquis arch and proceeds towards the Chiesa del Purgatorio up to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II with the Palazzo dell'Orologio and the Cathedral itself. Then you will dive in the alleys and narrow streets of the old city to reach the main terrace, a breath-taking panoramic view.

Monopoli, lively and multifaceted city

Monopoli is characterized by its early medieval village overlooking the sea with a extremely indented coast with small coves and a countryside full of centuries-old olive groves, monumental and fortified farms. The ancient town, as in the Mediterranean tradition - a maze of winding streets and small squares - revolves around the Cathedral, the castle and the Port, the focal point of  the city life.

The visit itinerary starts from Piazza Garibaldi with its palaces and the infamous column, continues with a visit the old port, and then towards the cathedral and the church of purgatory. Finally, walking along the Mura Santa Maria promenade, it is possible to reach the castle.

Altamura, the city of bread

Altamura is a free, independent and fierce city since its foundation in the Middle Ages by Emperor Frederick II of Svevia. Through the streets of the ancient town we will discover the history of a very lively and teeming city cloisters, ancient bakeries, cafés and pastry shops, keepers of ancient knowledge and traditional recipes which, through the centuries, they have come down to us.

Fulcrum and symbol of the city is the cathedral, symbol and synthesis of the history of the city and element of particular interest in the whole history of Apulian art. The tour will start from Porta Bari, the gateway to the city and, along Corso Federico II di Svevia, will cross the points of greatest historical and artistic interest: Palazzo Viti-de Angelis, the church of San Nicola, Piazza Duomo and the Cathedral.

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