Taking a break is not quitting a journey

We have been waiting until now to take a side on what is happening in Italy – and in the world. We are dealing with an emergency whose reach is not known yet. The situation is changing day by day, so are the government actions. It’s hard to guess. To proclamations and appeals to calm, we have preferred silence. We wanted to avoid adding confusion to an already confused situation, speaking about something we do not know. We are not doctors neither politicians, we walk, tell stories, revive emotions and experiences. The bells are ringing for all, it’s now time to stop, at least for a while, until the emergency will pass over. For the emergency reach is not certain, clear are the consequences (and not only the economic ones). We must now care about everyone’s sake rather than our personal interest. The future benefits will overcome today’s costs. Solidarity has always been a fundamental value to us, something we truly believe in.

We are living an extraordinary moment. We can either choose to give up or take advantage of the situation to move forward. Every cloud has a silver lining. It is during crisis that genius, creativity and resiliency foster change, showing as far as human capacity can go. A new – and more responsible – opening will follow this closing; people will start again to move, travel, stay together, and appreciate the little things our country has to offer. When it’s going to be over, the first thing we will all do will be going out, to walk, together with a friend, parents, or solo, enjoying a sunny day as today. We, Free Walking Tour Italia people, will be there waiting for you, as we have always been.

We will meet again where we now leave.       

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