The tour guide becomes smart: Free Walking Tour Italia’s new tour online experiences

We are facing a situation, for most of us, never experienced before. We were not ready for it and it has cancelled some long-lasting certainties. The unexpected caused distress in everything we were used to: love, work, every day routine. But let’s focus on tourism, because that why we are here. The nightmare slowly becames reality and we now have to live with it. Social distancing, stop to mobility or gathering are putting a test to our endurance, as humans and as a society. Tourism has been hit probably harder than other sectors, because the basis of our work, even before all the studies and licenses, are the PEOPLE. If people are not there anymore, we can live in the best country in the world, and probably Italy is that place – but without anybody to share it with, it is completely worthless.

Today we need to rethink ourselves and our job with reference to the "lack" of the others, instead of their presence. In March we wrote that “we could either give up or take the situation as a challenge and widen our horizons”. Taking a break is not quitting a journey. How to think of a tour, a trip, a cultural exploration in a world which suddenly became smaller? Someone say that normality is about to come back not being able to explain what normality is supposed to be. We will restart, we are sure about that. Something will turn over, but until then? Do we want to stay put or use our imagination, the starting point of every journey? We cannot wait passively for someone to take a decision, we need to react so that our decisions will define the world we are waiting for. No future would exist without a choice we are not able to make.

We made that decision today, before the re-opening, the normality. We start from the willing to continue to work, to create culture and to share it with the world, even if today, the world, is sit on a couch. We are today able, thanks to internet, to reach a person on the other side of the world. Why shouldn’t we narrate to him/she the beauty of our country? The tour guide goes smart and work from home.

This is possible thanks to the new project of Free Walking Tour Italia which gives to everybody the possibility to connect and follow an online tour experience. LEARN – Your Online Experience is the new selection of virtual tours you can join through the website

Only with a click the visitor has the possibility to connect and meet virtually tour guides from all over Italy which will narrate their cities, thanks to the use of pictures and videos. Rome, Florence, Bologna, Modena, Venice, Verona – and many other cities – will be at everyone’s disposal, narrated through stories, images and storytelling. You will connect to a virtual “room” through a link supplied by the website and Italy will be one step from your house. A new way to relaunch the tourism and a new opportunity for many tour guides which are not active at the moment.

Tourism starts today, from the website, to narrate that part of the worlds which never stopped to travel, in a different but interactive way. Free Walking Tour Italia gives the possibility to explore Italy from your couch, on internet. For somebody could sound insane but it is reality! Open your eyes. No wait, close them, relax and let the next story cuddle you.

Check the "online tour experiences

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