Visiting Iran?! Free Walking Tour Tehran is waiting you

Everybody knows the ancient Roman Empire, right?! We are sure at least once you have come across the remains of the ancient Rome somewhere out there. Yet what about the Persian Empire?! Does it sound familiar?!

Have you ever thought about discovering this ancient enchanted Oriental land? Are you afraid of exploring such peaceful country? Is your mind poisoned by the mainstream news about Iran? We would like to suggest you to step outside your comfort zone and ask the people who have already discovered this country… you will hear about amazing food, millennial culture, historical cities, diversity, and, most important thing, beautiful smiling souls waiting for you.

We are glad to introduce you our friends from PersianWalk, whose mission is to show you the true face of Iran. By showing up at their free walking tour in Tehran, you will be enchanted by their stories, cultural hints and local way of life. Their tours are designed in a way the guides provide you lots of practical information on cultural and social life. Their motto is our motto: explore the city like a local. You will better enjoy your journey throughout Iran if you join PersianWalk tour.

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