What the f**k is Free Walking Tour?

Have you ever tried to explain your business to whom has no idea about it? We got three simple words to spell: Free Walking Tour.

What the f**k is Free Walking Tour?

If you have ever visited a city, you might have met young groups of people following somebody touring them around. In all likelihood, that could be a Free Walking Tour.

Free Walking Tour is the mean to city free guided tour, an introductive walk through the city with an expert tour guide. The adjective Free here stands for Freedom: you are free to join, free to leave if you don't like it, free to tip the guide if you like the experience.

We have not reinvented the wheel, Free Walking Tour has existed ever since. The first traces date back in 2004 around Berlin, in Germany. Then, it spreads throughout the world to finally arrive in Italy.

If Italians have tried it in Europe, they don't know something similar existed in Italy too. Indeed, since 2017, an independent network of Italian Free Walking Tours connects different free tours experiences throughout the peninsula. Now that you know it, use it!

Many experienced travellers, unlike Italians, know the format, which they likely join every time they find one. Find it is pretty easy, if you know where to look for it. 

You can digit the magic words Free Walking Tour followed by the city you are looking for and see the results. You might find all outcomes but only a real one: Free Walking Tour Italia (www.freewalkingtouritalia.com)

If you are a computer illiterate, while strolling around the city, look for the Free Walking Tour flag - they usually stands in visible and open spaces. You cannot get it wrong!

Finally, ask your host, hopefully he is learned!

There are thousand of reasons why you should choose a Free Walking Tour, to meet new people for example, or to learn something new about the city you are visiting. You don't have to worry about money: if you have little or are a generous donor, it doesn't matter to us, you can pay what you want.

Booking is easy and free of charge.

Why not doing it now?

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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