Where to eat in Italy? Don't look at your Lonely Planet guide!

It is worldwide acknowledged that Italian food is quite good (probably the best ever) but, as a tourist in Italy, you will soon find out that it can become very expensive and stressful to find a good place where to have great food for a reasonable price.

Why? Beacuse you are still looking on your Lonely Planet guide!

Now that you have it in your hands, open it and go to the section “Where to eat”. Done?! Great... throw it in the garbage!!!

Italian food is rural, simple, genuine... is made of tradition and atmosphere. You will not find this in a fancy restaurant or, worst, in a touristic one. What you have to do is to open Google Maps and write one of the following words:

  • Salumeria
  • Forno
  • Gastronomia
  • Rosticceria

You will be directed to the heart of Italy: a place full of typical italian products, most of the times made in the same store in the early morning. Prices are very convenient and the taste will surprise you! Ask the owner for suggestions on the food and be inspired… make sure you get take away food!

You are probably thinking that you are still missing a place where to eat it. Most probably because what you are looking for is a Church! Luckly Italy is full of churches, and churches most of the times are in the heart of the cities where the life takes place. So grab your sandwich, sit on the steps right in front of the church and the magic will happen… enjoy listening to people around you talking and laughing, watch kids playing and teenagers chatting, old men gathering to speak about politics.

Feel the intense taste of the sandwich in your mouth and enjoy it as much as possible while the life flows around you. Relax yourself and observe people, feel the moment, live the real Italy.

The experience is worth…you won’t regret it!

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