A new beginning: Free Walking Tour Bergamo arises

We are glad to know that another Free Tour is rising in Italy, and our family is growing bigger. Indeed, from the 13th April, Bergamo - mostly known for its low-cost-flight airport - will have its own Free Walking Tour. Yes, you got it right! You have to thank - we do - the guys of Same Same Travels association, who have been working on it in the last weeks. They got to know two young local guides, told them about the project; they took up the idea of Free Walking Tour and decided to design one for their own town, Bergamo.

Bergamo is a lovely town - we have been there and can guarantee it to you - that, thanks to her connection and closeness to Milan, has been growing incredibly as touristic destination in the last years. The old city centre, nestled up to a hill, keeps a genuine and slow atmosphere, with its beautiful restored palace, churches and monuments. Many people visiting Italy are now prefering it to the more chaotic and expensive Milan: for its strategical position is the perfect spot to visit Northern Italy - Bergamo is well connected to cities as Verona, Venice, Padua and, of course, Milan.

Bergamo was bound to have its own Free Tour, and now it got it!  

Every Saturday (in english) and Sunday (in italian) you can now join this amazing walk of Bergamo Alta with a local guide that will show you piece of arts and architecture, and tells you about stories, food, anedocts. The tour starts in Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe at 11.00 am, at the exit of the Cable Railway (look for the red pointer on your right). If you come to Bergamo, you can't miss it. It will be the perfect way to start your journey.

You can find more info on:

Free Walking Tour Italia

Free Walking Tour Bergamo

And remeber: Free Walking Tour makes you happy, it's a good excercise for your body, you get to know more travelers like you, and, most important thing, it's Free. You pay what you think is worth for. 

Indeed, Free Walking Tour concept works to make culture more accessible to all. We believe we live in one of the most beautiful place in the world and we like to share it, makes such beauty a universal right everybody should have access to. 

Thanks to the everyday hard work of local young guides we have made Free Walking Tour a cultural reality in Italy. 

Free Walking Tour is dead.

Long Live to Free Walking Tour!

With our best wishes... 

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Cristina Ronco Perez - April 25, 2019
Good afternoon,could you tell me if you have a tour in spanish,thank you very much

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