Bologna | Walking into the Wine

by Free Walking Tour Italia

So many quotes are made about wine, hence we will skip this part (such a cliché!). Indeed, wine, especially in Italy, is always on everyone's lips: we speak about it, we said this and that, but then... what do we really know about tasting? Free Walking Tour Italia has asked it to a local sommelier. The result? Well, come and taste it by yourself. 

If you are a wine lover and wish to share joyful moments (wine makes us happy), better discover the art of drinking and the tasting ritual, you can't miss our walk. We will head together with a sommelier to few typical bolognese wine bar, where you will be enlighted about tasting and enjoying. Then, wine will have no more secret to you, and drinking will never be the same again!

  • Group: upon reservation of a minimum of 5 people
  • When: according to your request (likely weekends)
  • Where: Neptune Fontain, Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna
  • Duration: 2h
  • Language: italian and english
  • Additional information: the tour includes 3 different wine tasting + appetizers 

The tour is made in partnership with:

Medulla Vini 

La Bottega di via Monte Grappa 

Accà Vineria

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