Darsena di Città | Modena Walking Tour

by Free Walking Tour Italia

Walking along the canals 

The birth of city Northern Area is strictly connected to water: the element has been one of the driver to the city urban development since its foundation. The railway - built during the 50's of the XIX century - revolutionized  the transport: the dockyard lost its centrality and moved North, outside the city centre. The area grow as the first factories were created around the new basin. The neighbourhood mainly hosted working class people which were hired in the factories, most of them coming from abroad. The migration has characterized the area ever since, with the result of a mixed cultural background and a vibrant atmosphere.

  • When: Sunday 16th October ay 3.30 pm
  • Meeting Point: Piazza Roma, ingresso Accademia Militare
  • Lenght: 2h
  • Itinerary: piazza Roma, Via Vittorio Emanuele, Tempio, Cavalcavia Mazzoni, Piazzale della Darsena, Strada Attiraglio, Parco XXII Aprile

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