Free Walking Tour Ferrara

by Free Walking Tour Italia

Thanks to this new free tour, you can now discover the medieval historical centre of Ferrara in a couple of hours. The tour starts from the symbol of the city, the Estense Castle. We will visit its external structure and the four towers. We will then move to the Theatre and the Cathedral. The last stop will be the Jewish Ghetto and then back to the Castle through via Adelardi where you can see the oldest winery in town (1435 a.c).

  • When: every Sunday at 11.00 am
  • Meeting Point: Piazzetta del Castello, at the cannon in front of the "Bar Duca d'Este"
  • Lenght: 1.30/2h
  • Language: Italian, English
  • Itinerary: Estense Castle, Rotonda Foschini, Piazzetta Savonarola, Cathedral, Bell Tower, Jewish Ghetto, via delle Volte, Sinagogue, Winery "Il Brindisi"


Questions & Answers

Hi, we are looking for food tips as well. Do you offer any food-related tour? 

Hi, yes we do. As for the Free Tour, no food stops are included. But, if you wish to have a taste of the city cousine and typical products, please check our food tour

Hi, we are planning to stay in Ferrara for a couple of days. We will for sure do your free tours but wondering if you have tours in other cities nearby.

Hi, you are very lucky. Our region is the richest in terms of Free Tour and Experience. You can visit (30 min. by train) Bologna and Ravenna. Then, if you drive for a hour, you can reach Modena and Reggio Emilia.


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Customer Reviews

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Devi Nasution
My Sunday Walking Tour in Ferrara

Last Sunday, I embarked on a walking tour in the charming city of Ferrara. With a blend of anticipation and curiosity, I was eager to discover the secrets and stories this historic city holds. Our guide, Cristina, greeted us with a warm smile and an infectious enthusiasm that set the tone for the day. The tour felt like a leisurely walk with friends rather than a structured itinerary. The highlight for me was strolling through the Jewish Ghetto, where Cristina shared poignant stories of its past residents, adding a personal touch to the history.

Cancelled last minute

I had booked this tour in advanced but it was cancelled an hour before the start time. At this time I had already arrived in Ferrara by train as I was coming from out of town. I understand the tour is based on attendance, however, it is unacceptable to cancel this close to the start time. Very disappointed!

Cancelled at last minute

The tour was cancelled without explanation, and I only found out 50 minutes before the planned start time. This meant I'd already got up early and taken the train to Ferrara.
I understand that cancellations happen but please inform those who've booked the night before to avoid inconvenience.

Ottima occasione per conoscere Ferrara

Dopo un ottimo walking tour di Bologna, abbiamo seguito il seguito il consiglio della bravissima Assunta (la nostra guida bolognese) e siamo partiti alla volta di Ferrara per passarci la giornata. Complici un tempo piacevolissimo e la bravura di Stefania e Assunta, le due ore del tour sono volate e ci siamo goduti Ferrara in un modo che non sarebbe altrimenti stato possibile.

Complimenti per l'iniziativa

Le guide sono state fantastiche, anche con i bambini. Non conoscevo il free walking tour ma sicuramente ripeterò l esperienza. Grazie