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Walking along the railway

Modena Industrial Heritage definitely represent a great cultural value for the city itself, made of old factories and abandoned  buildings but also new urban regeneration projects. The railway represents the trajectory along which a new idea of urban development was born, the industrial town. We offer a walk along the history of XX century and the development of Modena industrial district, starting from the city center towards the periphery. 

  • When: Sunday 30th of April at 3.30 pm
  • Meeting Point: piazzetta delle Paltadore
  • Lenght: 2h
  • Itinerary: ex-Manifattura Tabacchi, Pallamaglio, Tempio, via Paolo Ferrari, Comparto Ferriere, ex Fonderie Riunite

The itinerary has been selected as winning project for the open call Welcome to Modena 2029. It is part of WALKING INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE EMILIA ROMAGNA, which unites similar tours in Bologna, Ravenna and Forlì. 

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