Ravenna City Tour | The City of Silence

by Free Walking Tour Italia


Ravenna city tour focuses on the area of San Francesco’s Square and the Zone of Silence dedicated to the great poet, Dante Alighieri. The silence has a dual significance: it is also an attribute to the city which, between '800 and '900, lived a period of isolation from external connections and cultural interests. Visiting the city, Oscar Wilde described Ravenna as desert-asleep-silent, and before him, Henry James pictured it as a melancholy-alone-sleepy town, up until the final characterization of the“City of Silence” by Gabriele d’Annunzio, in his Electra’s poems.

The medieval aspect of the area started to change from the twenties of 1900: the construction of Hotel Byron, the most luxurious of the city, which before was an aristocratic residence. Now, at its place, the façade of the Palace of Province hides the architectonical treasure of the Vertical Garden, the panoramic roof, and the
subterranean crypt. The restoring of that time brought the Saint Francesco’s Basilica to its original elegance and sobriety, while also today its crypt leaves us stupefied, submerged by water and occupied by a group of goldfishes. Our last stop will be Dante’s Tomb.

  • Group: min. 2 people 
  • When: every day, every time
  • Meeting Point: San Francesco's square
  • Lenght: 2.00 h
  • Language: English, Italian
  • Itinerary: Hanging Gardens - Cripta Rasponi - Basilica di San Francesco - Silence Area (Dante's Graveyard)
  • Additional Info: the entrance to the cripta is 2€ per person (it is not included in the tour price)


Questions & Answers

Hi, how are you doing? We are food lovers and were wondering if you have a food option for the tour. Many thanks!

Hi, we do have food for you! We can offer you a final stop in a local bar where you can taste 2 type of local wine going along with cold cuts and cheese. The extra cost for it would be 10€ per person.

Hi! I’m James. The itinerary presented looks awesome to me! What should I do now?

Hi James! Fantastic! Then please proceed to the booking. We will ask you to pay immediately only a reservation fee as the resting amount must be paid at the tour guide. Remember to specify the date and time you prefer most. We will confirm the tour as soon as possible. 

Good Morning, I’m Charlie. We would like to have a full day tour in order to go learn asmuch as possible about the city. Is it possible?

Hi Charlie! Of course it is! Please write us an email and tell us more about your ideas. We will organize a tour designed for you.

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