Reggio Emilia | Water Routes

by Free Walking Tour Italia

This tour goes backwards in time, when waters and channel used to give shape  to the city. The visit starts in Porta Castello - once one of the four access point to the city, almost completely destroyed in XIX century, essential to introduce and understand the city hidrographic development.

Here the waters channeled from the Secchia river, between Castellarano and Villalunga (two little town up to the Reggio Emilia hills), enters the city through the Seccha Channel, named Canale Maestro.

We will cover 3 km within the city centre, and tell you about the everyday city life, human intelligence, production and merchant activities connected to the water exploitation. With a pinch of imagination, we will set sail toward the Adriatic sea, using the Naviglio, the navigable channel that linked the city of Reggio Emlia to the Po river and then the sea. 

We will end our journey at the Basilica della Madonna della Ghiara, where we will find the Central Emilia water recovery consortium.

  • When: 6th April, 4th May, 25th May at 3.30 pm
  • Where: via del Guazzatoio, close to the riuns of the old city wall and Porta Castello
  • Duration: 2h
  • Language: italian (english on request)
  • Itinerary: Porta Castello, Canale Maestro, Naviglio, Parco del Popolo, Via San Carlo, Basilica della Ghiara

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