Italy by Bike - The best routes and itineraries

Italy, with its awesome landscapes, flat lands and mountains, is the perfect place for a bike trip. If you hadn't given it a try yet, it's time to do it.

Here you find some ideas for your next holiday:

Emilia Romagna 

  • Ciclabile del Secchia: this bicycle path runs on the riverbank of Secchia, that rises on the Appennine and meets Po river as it reaches the province of Mantova. You can easily take the path in Modena (or Sassuolo) and go all the way to Mantova. You will see an incredible flat land, passing through villages, old and abandoned farmhouses and canal locks. Once you reach the Po river, you can choose either to stop in Mantova or take the Ciclovia del Po and reach the sea.
  • Ciclabile Modena - Vignola: this bicycle path follows the old railway that once connected Modena to Vignola. It's an easy and paved road that crosses many little towns on its way up to the hills: Castelnuovo, Spilamberto, Vignola. You can make a diversion to visit Castelvetro, and then continue to Levizzano, Piuanello and Serramazzoni (only for the bravest ones). In Vignola, take a breathe and walk in the medieval old town. Then, it's up to you to continue till Roccamalatina (on the mountain) or reach Bologna.  
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