The best Free Walking Tours in Italy

Italy is famous for its food, its monuments, its charming and funny people... and its incredibly awesome free tour guides. Do you want to meet them? Just show up and join a free walking tour. Most of the italian touristic destinations have their own, and in many cases you will find it difficult to choose the good one. 

In cities as Rome or Florence, you might encounter up to 8 differents free tours. Which is the real one? Watch out, the web can easily fool you: it full of platforms offering you a real, genuine and local experience. 

Here you find few tips to not be fooled around:

  • Avoid international platform, go local
  • Avoid advertised tours: don't make Google richer than what eventually is
  • Beware of imitations: many free tours are run by guides who are actually not guides, rely on professionists

Rely on Free Walking Tour Italia: it's the first independent italian free tour network 

Our guides are local, licensed and trustworthy

Free Walking Tour Bologna: they are the best free tour guides in town: young, passionate, and funny. Since 2017 they offer daily tours and lots of fun. The best way to discover the city

Free Tour Turin: Angelo and Fracesca are two young travellers who share a passion: meeting people coming from all over the world and sharing with them the beauty of their city as locals.

Free Walking Tour Bari: Anna, Giuseppe e Fabrizio are the guides whom everyone dreams of. Since 2015, they design and run city tours to make you live the city as a local. They narrate Bari through a authentic and involving storytelling. 

Free Walking Tour Modena: here's where everything started. If you pass by, remeber to meet Loredana and Francesca. They work as free tour guides since the beginning. They are the Free Walking Tour. An experience worth it!

Frog Walking Tour: they are a group of official tour guides with a huge passion for their city: Milano. With a great knowledge of past, present (and future!) of the city, they will give you a friendly atmosphere and all best advices to enjoy your stay in Milano.

Free Walking Tour Verona: Serena and Andrea are two smiling and funny guides, who will impress you with their way to introduce you the city of Verona. You will beg for another tour by the end!  

Free Walk in Venice: Lucia is an official and free lancer tour guide in Venice, great lover of the city and lucky enough to do the best job in the most beautiful city of the world. 

Florence Free Tour Tale: they are a group of licensed tour guides of Florence, who decided to show the city to travelers in a completely new way! Their tours are based on funny stories and anecdotes to make you learn and enjoy every minute with us.

Free Walking Tour Pisa: Lucy is the best guide you may find in Pisa. And luckily for you, she is running the Free Walking Tour. She will take you straight to the core of the city. You will fall in love with her!

Free Tour Barletta: they are young and dynamic, they love so much their town and they'll guide you in the best city spots and streets. 

Free Tour Catania: they are two long-time friends passionate about the culture, the arts and the nature of their land and willing to lead you through the hidden corners of this monumental baroque city, that's why they decided to establish the free walking tour in Catania.

Free Walking Tour Palermo: it springs from the idea of three friends keen on Sicilian culture, traditions and history. Their bet is to promote, through unconventional means, an international eco-tourism model. They love Palermo, They travelled a lot and came back to proved a different depiction of Zyz, Balarm, Panormus, Palermo and Sicily

Free Tours Cagliari: catch the pink flamingo! 

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