What kind of traveler are you?

Travellers are a very common human spieces. Their natural habitat is the world but they prefer cheap and off-road climate. They usually travel alone but, once they find a good spot to establish, they tend to reproduce. After years of on-field researchs, we have succeeded to identify different kind of Traveler. 

What kind of traveler are you? 

The compulsive planner: You spend hours and hours on the web trying to get the more information you can about your next destination. You read everything about traditions, culture, food, places to see, prices, health-care system, diseases, night-life, day-life, dress-code; you also attend an intesive language webinar. You prepare a detailed schedule of each day. Every single moment of your next trip has been optimize. You print maps, tickets, reservations, copy of your passport, insurance, interesting articles. Then you discover your flight has been cancelled due to Covid19.

The low-c:ost hunter: Your trip daily budget is slightly below the poverty line. You have subscribed on at least 10 websites whose domains contain the following words: "on a budget", "less than a dollar", "without money". You never book a ticket priced more than 10€; to get from Paris to London once you made a transfer in Sao Paolo, Brasil. Couchsurfing was your mantra, before they make you pay to use it. You stalk your old-university friends profile in order to get where they live now. Your chat is full of unanswered message: <<Hi, how are you? I'm coming to [...]>>

The travel addicted: You collect stamp on your passport. Your job is a pause between one travel and another. You look at the calendar and you don't see anything but bank holiday weekend. You are a solo, you make decision fast and your baggage is light: two pairs of socks, few underpants, one pair of trausers, 2 shirt, one sweater, a jacket. Airports are your home, the only place you feel free in.

The inst-traveler: If a place is not Instagrammable, it's not worth visit it. You change your outfit several times a day according to the next location: beach, restaurant, dusk, mountain, movida. Once, for a three-day weekend, you took 3 luggage. Filters and lights have no secrets for you. If you don't post at least 5 stories a day you start panicking. You live your life a fifty likes at a time.

The party guy: Morning does not exist for you. You don't care about monuments or museums - they are the same all over, you like most bars and clubs, where you can find the real soul of a place. You don't visit much of a country, the closer you are to the music, the better is. Your diet is made of beer and gin. You eat poorly and little. After a vacation with you, your friends need a recovery week. Do you remember that time in Vietnam, you almost died?

The cultured: Now that we have visited the Musei Capitolini, the Museo dell’Ara Pacis, the Mercati di Traiano, the Museo dei Fori Imperiali, the Museo di Roma at Palazzo Braschi, the Museo Napoleonico, the Museo di Scultura Antica Giovanni Barracco, the Museo Carlo Bilotti, the Museo Pietro Canonica, the Museo delle Mura, can we go for a beer?

The food nazi: You get excited about food only when your grandma cooks. All the rest are shit. Choosing where to eat is a endless seek. You don't like anything but local food, your local food.

The perfect lover: The best country you have ever visited was the one with the better mobile price plan. Your girl/boyfriend wants to know everything about your trip. You update her every 2 hours, sometimes even before things happen.

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