This Christmas don't give Socks, give a Guide!

It always comes that period of the year we have to make presents. We call it Christmas. Now, don’t panic, there are still few days ahead… YET WE FEEL IT’S ON THE CORNER, CLOSER AND CLOSER!!! It chases us. And we have no idea what to get yet. We know we will linger until the last moment. It has always been so; why should it be different this year?! We will buy the same old item of uncertain usefulness: the umpteenth mobile phone or appliance, perhaps socks (who doesn’t need socks?!) that will immediately end in the most remote corner of the wardrobe, together with the other “undesired gifts”. We could give a book, but we did it the last year. Buying item is always a risk: if she or he doesn’t like it?

If we pick a gift only on the base of its material value, we miss its most important trait: the relationship, the capacity of a gift to connect us. This year let’s make a different present, stop buying things, support culture, give a guide! A guide will bring you together as you hadn’t since, make you live an intense moment, take you anywhere you want to go, make you learn, experience, discover something more about the place you stay or about yourself. A walking tour is eco-friendly, it’s not bulky, and it vanishes as you use it, though something of it will forever last.

This year don’t give Socks, give a Guide!

Choose Culture, choose Free Walking Tour Italia!    

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