Free Walking Tour Modena

by Free Walking Tour Italia

Free Walking Tour Modena is the perfect way to explore the city center of Modena. 

  • Groups: no minimum number of participants
  • When: October/November
  • English: Sunday morning at 11.00 am
  • Italiano: ogni sabato alle ore 15.30 PRENOTAZIONE OBBLIGATORIA 
  • Meeting Point: Piazza Grande, near Pietra Ringadora.
  • Lenght: 2.00 h
  • Language: english and italian
  • Itinerary: Piazza Grande, Duomo, local market, Via Emilia, Piazza Roma, Old Jewish Ghetto


Questions & Answers

Hi, your Free Walking Tour look amazing. How does it work?

Hi, thanks for asking. A local tour guide will lead you in an amazing Free Walking Tour experience through the historical city center of Modena. During a 2.00 hours walk, you will see the most important places of the city - as the Unesco world heritage sites: Duomo, Ghirlandina tower and Palazzo Ducale - and you will learn also about habits and trends. There is no better way to be introduced to our city.

I’m Andres from Spain, I am doing my Erasmus in Modena. Tomorrow my family is coming to visit me and I was wondering if we could join the tour around the city. We would be five people in total, let me know if that is fine and pricing. Thank you!

Hi Andres, our tour leaves at 11.00 am in Piazza Grande, at the marble stone in front of the Tourist Office. The tour is in English. There is no fixed price: Free Walking Tour is a tips based initiative, you pay what you think is worth for! And please, remember to book, it's required - otherwise the tour might not be performed!

Hi, we came to Modena in order to find out about its food tradition. Are you going to deal with it during the tour?

Hi, glad to welcome you in town. Indeed, Modena is quite famous for its food. We are going to touch the issue very slightly during the Free Walking Tour. Yet, if you wish to discover more about food, we do suggest you to check out our EAT MODENA - Your Street Food experience in town!

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