Free Walking Tour Italia: new style, new concept, new deal!

It was about the eve of 2017, when we first gave a chance to this project. We had run Free Walking Tour for a while in our town, and suddenly we came up with the idea of creating something bigger, something in Italy had not even been conceivable... till then. The first number we dialed was a local guy one's in Bari. His team run Free Walking Tour there too. We said: let's try! <<Hello?>> <<Am I speaking with Free Walking Tour Bari?!>> <<Yes!>> <<Here is Free Walking Tour Italia. We want to create an italian network of Free Walking Tour, what do you think about?>> Months later, we spoke about that call. Giuseppe, the Bari guy, remembers it very well: <<I hung up the phone and I told to myself "Who the hell are those guys? Are they crazy? They want to create a Free Walking Tour network in Italy?!">>. He was already in. And many others did so, till the point people started to call us to join. During our last national meeting, held in Bari at the beginning of September - with people coming from Catania, Cagliari, Verona, Modena, Pisa, Bologna, Barletta and Bari of course - we finally presented the new website we had been working hardly on in the last months. Now it's online! Now we are ready to write another chapter of this beatiful love story. Because Free Walking Tou is all about love, passion, and sharing. 

We chose a piece of puzzle as our Logo to symbolize the uniqueness of each of us - the local realities that make the network - and our leaning to totality: the community exists only if we match, we link, we feel each other. That's how we complete the picture. And this picture is now call Free Walking Tour Italia. 

Let's toast to a new beginning!

Long Live the Free Walking Tour Italia!

Are part of the network:

Free Walking Tour Modena, Free Walking Tour Bologna, Free Walking Bo, Free Walking Tour Pisa, Free Wallking Tour Bari, Free Tour Catania, Free Walking Tour Palermo, Free Walking Tour Lecce, Free Walking Tour Napoli, Free Walking Tour Scicli, Free Walking Tour Castellamare del Golfo, Free Bike Tour Gaeta, Free Tour Cagliari, Free Tour Florence, Free Walking Tour Torino, Free Walk in Venice, Milan Free Tour, Free Walking Tour Barletta, Guide Invisibili SoundWalk, Free Walking Tour Verona

Check and spread our Manifesto, for a new deal...

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